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Truffaloaf and Sweet Potato Club Sandwich!

     A Gourmet Black Truffle Buffalo Meatloaf Club Sandwich!  
     Back in the 1990's I used to cook lunch in glamorous classic French fine dining restaurant that had a sister restaurant on the second floor of the building.  The second restaurant was French café that served trendsetting food and I cooked in this place at night.  Between the two restaurants, my average work day was 14 to 16 hours, so the pay was great.  Both restaurants were Michelin Star rated and the café won the coveted Gold Spoon Award for 29 years in a row.  The work environment lauded creativity and innovation.  We all cooked with passion and some of the food styles we created actually set new trends nationwide.    
     A food trend that us chefs enjoyed creating was gourmet comfort food, especially during the winter season.  We went to great lengths when making several complex classic food preparations, just to make one great modern comfort food item.  Needless to say, the gourmet comfort food was way ahead of its time and customers raved about this cuisine style.
     Occasionally, we offered a gourmet version of a classic American diner sandwich for lunch at the French fine dining restaurant.  Lunch in the classic French restaurant was not quite as formal as the dinner service and the special du jour items were often designed entertain guests by presenting a twist on well known food items of the past.  Occasionally we offer an innovative sandwich special du jour that no other restaurant would dream of serving.  Club Sandwiches made with gourmet food items or modern French health cuisine items were a hit every time they were offered on the special board.  Customers were familiar with the level of comfort that a Club Sandwich provided and they relished the thought of trying innovative new food items on this stylish triple decker sandwich.  Memories of working at the two French restaurants and designing gourmet comfort food items was the inspiration for today's Truffaloaf and Sweet Potato Club Sandwich recipe.   
     A basic traditional Club Sandwich is a made with three slices of toasted bread.  The bottom part of triple decker Club is a basic turkey sandwich that is garnished with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  The top deck of a classic Club is a BLT Sandwich (bacon lettuce and tomato).  Contrary to belief, there is no cheese on a classic Club Sandwich.  
     Modifying a classic Club Sandwich with deli meats other than turkey is what most chefs do.  Crating great food items specifically for a gourmet Club Sandwich is something that only innovative trendsetting chefs are willing to do.  For example, making a gourmet comfort food style Black Truffle American Bison Meatloaf, just to make a trendy modern Club Sandwich requires thinking well outside of the box, yet the design of such a Club Sandwich appeals to any guest that relishes the though of trying something new that has a familiar theme.  If a guest is a dedicated fan of gourmet comfort food, then the thought of a Truffaloaf and Sweet Potato Club Sandwich would be like a dream come true!    

     Trufflaloaf Recipe:
     Truffaloaf is a gourmet style Black Truffle Buffalo Meatloaf.  The Truffaloaf recipe yields enough meatloaf for 3 entrées or 5 sandwiches.  
     For a Club Sandwich, a few slices of Truffaloaf should be gently warmed in a low temperature oven, so the Black Truffles become aromatic.  
     Follow the link to the recipe in this website.

     Baked Sweet Potato:
     This recipe yields more than enough for one Club Sandwich.  
     Only the wide slices should be used and the small tips of the sweet potato can be snacked on.  
     Bake a 1 whole 8 ounce sweet potato in a 350ºF oven till it becomes tender.
     Chill the sweet potato in a refrigerator.
     Peel the skin off of the sweet potato.
     Cut the sweet potato into 1/4" thick slices.
     Keep the sliced roasted sweet potato chilled till it is needed.  

     Truffaloaf and Sweet Potato Club Sandwich:  
     This recipe yields 1 gourmet Club Sandwich.
     Step 1:  Toast three slices of stone ground wheat bread till golden brown highlights appear.
     Set the toast slices side by side on a countertop.
     Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on 1 side of each toasted bread slice.
     Step 2:  Place a thin layer of Boston Lettuce leaves on one slice of bread.
     Place a layer of 1/4" thic sliced roasted sweet potato on the lettuce.
     Step 3:  Place a thin layer of Boston Lettuce leaves on the second slice of toast.
     Place a thin layer of thin sliced tomato on the lettuce.
     Cut a 4 ounce portion of warm Truffaloaf into 3/8" thick slices.
     Place the Truffaloaf slices on the tomato and lettuce.  
     Step 4:  Place the third slice of toasted bread on top of the Truffaloaf.
     Place the Truffaloaf Sandwich on top of the toasted bread that has the roasted sweet potato and lettuce on it.
     Even up the edges of the toast, so the triple decker sandwich looks uniform.
     Step 5:  Spear the sandwich vertically with 4 long toothpicks or small bamboo skewers.  
     *Where to place the 4 toothpicks takes a little bit of thought.  If the Club Sandwich is vertically cut into 4 square sections, it will never be able to be plated correctly!  Cutting 4 diagonal shaped sections is how a Club Sandwich is properly made.  
     The bread should have a square or rectangular shape.  Imagine two lines that go from corner to corner and form an "X" on the middle of the toast.  The imaginary "X" will outline the 4 diagonal shaped sandwich sections.  Place a toothpick vertically in the center of each diagonal section.  
     Step 6:  Arch the fingers over the back of the knife blade to hold the sandwich in place.
     Cut the Club Sandwich vertically into 4 triangle shaped sandwich portions.  (This requires a very sharp knife.)
     Step 7:  Join 2 of the Club Sandwich quarters together.  
     Do the same with the other 2 Club Sandwich quarters.
     Set the 2 joined Club Sandwich halves side by side on a plate. 
     Garnish the plate with Italian Parsley sprigs and pickles of your choice.
     *Serve with French Fries, Chips or fancy Potato Salad on the side. 

     Viola!  An American diner style gourmet Truffaloaf and Sweet Potato Club Sandwich!  

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