Tuesday, June 30, 2015


     English Rollmops!
     Rollmops are a popular English pub snack.  Rollmops were on the menu at an English pub, where I was the chef for a couple of years.  Customers liked the simple chilled Rollmops, especially when the weather was hot.  Chilled pickled herring is kind of refreshing snack and chilled pickled vegetables always provide relief from the heat.
    Some of the English customers ask for sour cream on the side with the Rollmops.  Sour cream is a traditional condiment for Rollmops.  Some English cooks do make Rollmops with Pickled Herring that is packed in sour cream.  The combination is tasty, but Sour Cream Rollmops are better suited for cooler weather.
     Bulk commercial Pickled Herring varies in quality.  Some brands are much better than others.  The size of the Pickled Herring pieces in a jar vary too.  Large pieces can always be trimmed,  If the pieces are too small, then they are useless for making Rollmops.  
     Pickling fresh Herring filets is easy to do.  A sweet vinegar and pickling salt brine is all that is needed.  The only problem is that fresh Herring is usually only available in northern coastal area fish markets where the ocean water is cold.  Fresh Herring is rarely available anywhere else, because a high percentage of the Herring catch is sold at a commercially for a bulk price.  Nearly all Herring is sold at grocery stores as a canned, pickled or smoked product.    
     Roll Mops:
     Roll mops are simply a piece of pickled herring that is wrapped around a piece of pickle and speared with a toothpick.  Follow the guidelines for making Rollmops:  
     • Rollmops should be made bite size.
     • Dill Pickle pieces are the classic roll mop filling.  Only a small piece of pickle is needed.
     • Olives, sweet pickles, cornichons, pickled roasted red pepper, pimiento and pickled garlic are good Rollmop options.  Basically, any pickled vegetable that tastes good with pickled fish can be used to make Rollmops.   
     • The smooth skin side of the pickled herring should be on the outside of a finished rollmop.
     • When serving rollmops, try to arrange them on a plate so they look nice.
     • A simple garnish of pickles and parsley is fine for a Rollmops appetizer.
     *The rollmops in the photos above are stuffed with Dill Pickle Pieces, Pickled Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Pickled Garlic and Sushi Style Pickled Ginger.  

     Rollmops are a healthy English snack!          

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